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Cultivate Mercy

Virtual Class

3 Sessions 4 Classes each

- 1 Session: On You 

Explore who we are uniquely as individuals and collectively as a whole. 


- 1 Session: On God 

Explore what is a god concept? Is there a difference between God and a god concept? How does our understanding affect our experience?

- 1 Session on Creation 

Explore Earth, our bodies and other creations and knowledge of The Unity.

Intro to Sufism

Virtual Class

A beginner's look into what is Sufism

Salawaat Sundays

Virtual gathering for 30 minutes of Salawaat


Watch Your Mouth

Virtual Class

A class on the benefits and harms of speech.


What's Love Got to Do With It?

Virtual Class

Delving into the topic of love. How do we try to understand it? What role does it play into our life? 


Just The Two of Us

A couples class on marriage and ways to make it work.  TBA


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